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Hi, I’m Greg Knudson, a photographer and videographer from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. As a strong visual thinker, I’ve always preferred communicating through visuals and stories, and take great pride myself in how I recognize and capturing important moments, whether they are moving or a snapshot of time. My path took me from being a graphic designer and digital media artist, to earning a Bachelors degree in business, and once I picked up a camera I knew I would be combining all of my skillsets and starting my own business. My work has taken me all over the world, and has also included projects for clients such as Pepsi, Irving, JDI, ANBL, Deloitte, Snowfox Vodka, The Saint John Sea Dogs, The Canadian Cancer Society, NBCC and UNB. Outside of work, I am a passionate foodie, caffeine enthusiast, film buff and frequent traveler.


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photojournalistic and cinematic